Alison Pothier

Director of Inside Out Retreats

"Tapping into the inspired, stretches the boundaries of traditional thinking & shifts our contributions from the ordinary to the extraordinary." 

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Alison Pothier is the Director and Owner of Inside Out Retreats.  She is also a transformational coach, writer, energy practitioner, speaker and trainer in personal development.

Inside Out Retreats was launched by Alison Pothier in 2005 to support individuals in aligning their lives and their work to their authentic self and purpose.  

Alison established Inside Out Retreats in parallel to her 15-year career in investment banking. In early 2008, as a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the global Futures and Options business, Alison decided to exit the industry to focus full-time on her aspirations reflected through Inside Out Retreats.

Now a coach, energy practitioner and facilitator, Alison runs a private practice working with people of all ages and backgrounds on creating change in their lives through emotional clarity, energetic alignment and trust in self.  Alison is also a trainer and speaker coaching business leaders and professional organisations in areas such as authentic leadership.   She is an avid writer sharing insight through poetry and wisdoms gained through inspired dreams.

Alison believes that to truly heal is to "return to the essence of one's true self and serve from there".  She believes the process of healing gives rise to fulfillment and a deep sense of identity and purpose.  Alison combines her diverse skills to help individuals and organizations to make extraordinary change by working from the inside out.