Inside Out Retreats was established by Alison Pothier in 2005 in Richmond-Upon-Thames, England.  In 2014, Alison joined forces with Jules Williams to offer coaching, training, retreats and workshops dedicated to personal transformation.  Now living in Malibu, California, they serve clients and collaborate with partners globally.


Alison Pothier




Intuitive Coach .
Energy Healer .
Writer . Speaker . Facilitator

Featured alongside world visionaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond TuTu, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield and others in the Choice Point MovieAlison Pothier is an extraordinarily unique coach.

Combining her experience as a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in investment banking with her skills as a highly intuitive coach and energy healer, she works with clients going through periods of change, transition and personal transformation.  Working with both the conscious and subconscious mind and emotional triggers, Alison helps clients to create new outcomes for themselves by working from the 'inside out'.  


Jules Williams



Intuitive Coach .
Past Life Healing .
Writer . Director . Producer

Jules is a lifelong intuitive.  One of the original intuitives on Psychic television, he has been recognized for his clarity by organizations such as the ministry of defense.  He has previously done work, including remote viewing, for the police and investigators and was labeled “scarily accurate” by BBC Newsnight.

Combining his intuitive skills with a passion for emotional clarity, Jules focused his gifts on helping people to understand and overcome their emotional history and its imprint.  He works with both conscious and subconscious patterning, in lives past and present, to help clients overcome deep-rooted issues - especially related to addiction, relationships and weight.  He maintained a successful coaching practice at the Hale clinic in London and another in the Costwolds.  He now lives in Malibu, CA and works with clients all over the world.