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Breaking the Patterns of a Lifetime

Coaching emotional freedom, this free webinar is an introduction to the source of repetitive patterns in our lives and some tools to be able to shift from 'destructive' to 'productive' outcomes for ourselves.

  • Introducing the subconscious
  • Identifying anchors and triggers
  • Healing cellular memory
  • Manifesting new outcomes


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Online Course

Breaking the Patterns of a Lifetime

Transformational coaches and intuitives, Jules Williams and Alison Pothier, lead you through a series of modules and exercises to help you overcome emotional patterns and free yourself to new outcomes. 

Heal your patterns from the comfort of your own home as you begin to build a path to your emotional freedom.

Course includes:

  • An introduction to the role of the subconscious
  • Tools and techniques to access subconscious patterning
  • Exercises to identify and address emotional triggers
  • Guided visualisations to assist in your personal healing
  • Interactive support for your journey
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